Thursday, April 11, 2013

Parallel Universes...

...or is it universi?  Anyway, Mr. P and I were talking about them the other day after watching a Justice League movie that Lucas is fond of.  He says that they some people say that they really do exist.  So if they do, there is another me out there who is drinking tea right now instead of coffee.  And another one who isn't drinking a beverage at all.  And another one who is on Facebook instead of writing this.  And another one who is playing with her kids.  And another one who is still at work because it's tax season and she stuck with accounting in college instead of changing her major.  And on and on and on.  Wouldn't it be hella cool to be able to visit these parallel worlds, just for curiosity's sake?  It just boggles my mind to think of how one seemingly benign decision can set the course for the future or alter it.  Or change nothing at all.

Friday, November 23, 2012

High 4?

Why do cartoon characters only have 4 fingers on each hand?  I noticed this a while back while watching Family Guy and figured it was just the way the illustrators draw them.  Then I noticed a lot of other cartoons that do the same thing.  Why?  To use less ink?  It's easier to draw 4 as opposed to 5?  It's Cartoon Law? This, folks, is what keeps my up at night.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is what we're flaming about today.

Photo courtesy of Frito Lay
Seriously, could we worry about more important stuff in our schools, please?   Looks like the food police have laid down the law at yet another school in the U.S.(Read the article here.) Now, I don't believe in sending my kids a bag of chips and a soda for lunch and call it good, but really?  Banning Flaming Cheetos?  Not plain Cheetos, those are, apparently, fair game.  Are they against gay chips? Just kidding. Which is, in all seriousness, what I thought the argument against them was going to be about.  But no, they don't want orange cheese dust on their walls, and they're nutritional devoid.  I can think of several products that are messier and just as void of nutrients as Cheetos. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Prodigal Blogger Returns

I have a Swagbucks widget at the bottom of this blog which I check from time to time to see if there are any Swagcodes to be found.   I looked at the date on my last post.  It was in August of 2011.  Guess I've been a tad lazy keeping this thing up!  Ahem.  Instead of just jumping in like I've never left I'm going to use this time to say "I'm baaaaaaack!!!!"  Did ya miss me?  All 2 of you who read this?(my sister and some person from Russia.....)   I'm just going to start fresh.   I renamed this blog a while back to better reflect what it's about, and this is what I never got around to say:

I would really like to get into blogging more but what in the world do I write about?  I'm not crafty, so I have nothing there.   I'm an OK cook but I don't Iron Chef anything too earth-shattering.  I bake, but it's always something that I've stolen from  discovered on Pinterest.  I'm a mom, but I wouldn't take advice from a parent who lets her kids watch Family Guy.  So what do I really have to offer?  Well, nothing really.  But.  I do have a lot of weird random thoughts that pop up from time to time(In the shower, at work, at 3 am when the craziest ideas make sense) and I need a place to put them all down.  I can't even count the number of million dollar ideas that have just fallen out of my head because I didn't take the time to get it all down.  That, to me, is tragic.   So I'm going to blog at least every other day and if it gets read, fabulous!  And if not, then I have a place to put down my ideas that are going to make me MILLIONS.(Next time you see a Roomba snowblower, think of me.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just a few things that I've learned...

See this little guy?  He's covered in chocolate.  And he's happy.  What happens when you run out of chocolate?  He turns into an absolute BEAST.  He used to be addicted to Hershey Kisses but since it's summer he has moved on to fudge pops.  So this is what I've learned this summer....
  • Keep fudge pops in stock AT ALL TIMES.  Running out will cause a frantic phone call to your husband at work(with a screaming child in the background)to plead with him to make a fudge pop run.  Alternately, Lucas will bring you Lean Pockets or steak from the freezer in lieu of pops.
  • Popsicle sugar free pops are your friend.  They somehow attach the individually wrapped packages in pairs so that means when Lucas brings one to me to open, he always brings one for me. Which brings me to the next point...
  • Lucas can open the freezer quite easily but he can't always be depended upon to close it.  Always check to make sure the freezer door is closed.
  • Buy a freezer door lock and the freezer raiding can be avoided.
  • This light bulb went off after a love of corn dogs was discovered:  food on a stick!  Genius!  I see shish kebabs in our future.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vocalpoint Love

Do you like juice? How 'bout them kids?  Well Vocalpoint is giving away this sweet little freebie:  Mots for Tots juice!  You have to sign up to be a Vocalpoint member.  I've been a member for almost 3 years and they give away some pretty nice swag!  I'm not big on posting freebies and the like, since there's about a bazillion of those on the net already and I certainly don't have anything to add to the mix, but once in a while I come across one that I like to share that you may not have seen.

Disclaimer:  This is my own opinion and I am not paid to pimp out Mott's or Vocalpoint.  I just happen to love Vocalpoint and want to share the fabulousness!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Suck!

No, I don't really think I suck.  I'm awesome.(hehehe) But today at breakfast, I thought that that was what Lucas thought of himself.  Lucas was in his booster seat eating his eggs and I was putting a load of laundry in.  Lucas was jibber-jabbering and here's the convo: 

L: I suck!
K: What?
L: I suck!!!
K: Aww Lucas, stop putting yourself down.
L: I SUCK!!!!
K:(after realizing what he was trying to say) Oh, you're stuck!!

I then got him unstuck and realized 2 things. One, that his self-esteem is, in fact, not in question.  Two, that I need to brush up on toddlerese.